Making a Will by signing with a pen

Will Questionnaires

Your Will questionnaire provides me with most, if not all, of the information I need to prepare your Will. I will email or telephone you if I need any further information or need to explain and discuss options with you. Once I have all the relevant information, I will send you a fixed price quotation, based upon my published fee structure, for the services you require. On your acceptance of my quotation, I will produce the draft documents for your approval. Payment is not due until you are satisfied with the draft documents. Then I will produce and post to you the final documents printed on heavyweight paper in a tamper-resistant binding ready for your signature.

Once you have downloaded the appropriate Will questionnaire, you can complete it on-screen or print it out and complete it with a pen. Send me the completed Will questionnaire by simply saving it and sending it as an email attachment, or sending a printed copy by post.

Important: You must download and save the Will questionnaire on your computer then open it in Adobe Reader for the form to be able to be filled in on-screen, saved and emailed. It will not work in a browser or with Mac Preview. If Adobe Reader is not installed on your computer, it is free and you can download it here.

Single Will Questionnaire

Use this questionnaire if you are single, separated, or widowed, or if you are married, in a civil partnership or cohabiting and wish to make a significantly different Will to your spouse or partner.

Mirror Will Questionnaire

Mirror Wills are Wills for married couples, civil partners and cohabiting partners who wish to make almost identical Wills. A pair of Wills is produced, one for each partner, distributing the deceased’s estate in the same way in both Wills, usually to the surviving partner. Appointments of executors and, if required, guardians are the same in both Wills. There is the flexibility for individual gifts to be made, for example, each partner could leave his or her jewellery to a different child, and each partner may request different funeral arrangements.



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